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Nothing Beats a Deep Rooted Belly Laugh


laughter events

Looking to inspire your colleagues, clients or employees during corporate training? 

Perhaps you work in events and want to provide guests or ticket holders with a new memorable experience during their time with you. Curly Steve delivers bespoke laughter sessions to suite your corporate needs. The sessions are ideal team building, motivational tools or make the perfect refresher for large corporate events.

Each session breaks down those social barriers at networking functions and are ideal for educational settings too, to help teachers, mentors, coachers, therapists and trainers fully connect and engage with their groups.



laughter training

Want to learn new leadership skills and train in the art of Laughter Yoga? 

Curly Steve is a Laughter Yoga teacher and is qualified to train others in becoming certified leaders in the field of Laughter Yoga.  The 2 day training will educate others on how to lead a laughter session for corporate organisations, educational services, school children, senior citizens, people with special needs and social clubs. You will acquire the skills to lead a group of people through laughter session and meditation. You will also learn the history, concept, philosophy and different steps of Laughter Yoga and meditation.

Curly Steve organises several training courses throughout the year. We can also bring this training to your workplace, group or club.





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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Everything from a tickling giggle to a side-splitting guffaw can have incredible profound benefits to your health. 


01 - endorphines

"Energise and Enthuse"

The simple muscular exertions involved in laughter releases the feel good hormones in the brain called endorphins and ourhappy chemical serotonin.


02- stress relief

"Relax and Focus"

Laughter decreases stress hormones, increases blood flow which decreases the physical symptoms of stress.

03 -well-being

"Feel Good"

Having a proper laugh can affect blood pressure, raise our heart-rate and generally ease tension helping combat pain and boosts your mood.

04 - immune system

"Laugh More"

Studies have shown that a chuckle a day can release neuropeptides which help fight stress and illness.


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